Bringing the Quarry back to Nature – Anderson Road Quarry, Hong Kong

UDP International participated in the Anderson Road Quarry Design Ideas Competition for Quarry Park and Rock Face, commissioned by the Planning Department of the Hong Kong Government, and received a Merit Award for having an innovative and place-sensitive master plan concept. We used a place making and sustainable development approach when developing this master plan. The concept of the proposed Rock Face and Quarry Park illustrates the “bringing the quarry back to nature” ideology, which was based on the existing setting and context while introducing new elements and features to make Anderson Quarry a celebrated destination. We made careful considerations in aesthetics, functionality and sustainability both in the master plan and design elements for both elements of this project. The unique design reflects the historic significance of the Quarry. The overall environment was to be enhanced through the use of recycled materials and green features aimed to transform the area into a popular destination among both Hong Kong Residents, and overseas visitors.
Facilities are designed to be built with rocks and aggregates excavated from the Quarry. A rock cavern hotel and tree house camping were also proposed within the Park to provide a unique hospitality experience for visitors. In addition, an Adventure Park, which we designed to adhere
to the landscape setting while providing a wide variety of activities, was suggested to provide a unique day or weekend outing for local and tourist families; and a great place for youth team building activities. Furthermore, allotments were provided at the Rock Face to resemble the farming terraces in Southeast Asia, introducing local residents and interested parties to the concept of urban farming.

Year: 2012
Location: East Kowloon, Hong Kong
Site Area: ~17 ha
Award: Certificate of Merit, Design Ideas Competition for Quarry Park & Rock Face