Riverside Park – Gold Coast Cultural Precinct, Australia

Gold Coast is known for its beach culture along ‘the strip’, the cultural precinct is set to reposition it on the world map for art and culture. Our Design responds to Australia’s relationship with ‘the strip’ by reestablishing Evandale’s disappearing ecology while showcasing innovative green infrastructure practices within their coastal environs. The site is organized along a strong axis formed by reconnecting the existing lake to the Nerang river to create a playful water experience that travels deep into the site, offering an exciting and vibrant riverfront with water access.

Our design intent is to connect built form with the landscape and art scape consisting of programmed public spaces, landscaped open spaces and cultural park lands within the site providing a diverse experience. Soft river edge treatment accentuated by estuary planing, offers intimate access to the riverfront and elevated structures. The wetlands re-establish the original ecology, a Melaleuca sub-tropical wetland system that helps to naturally clean and buffer the precinct. The issues related to the 100 yard flood line are addressed by elevating the public space and the shopping street above ground level.

Year: 2013
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Site Area: ~11 ha