Graham Street Market Alternative Proposal – Central, Hong Kong

The Town Planning Board of the Hong Kong Government approved a Section 16 Application for planning permission for the sensitive urban regeneration of a historic street market area in Hong Kong. We submitted an alternate plan along with the World City Committee, an NGO, to respond to the Government’s proposal. Our award-winning proposal aimed to regenerate the Graham Street area while maintaining the existing urban morphology and ensuring the cultural continuity and collective memory of street market culture. Further emphasis was placed on urban fabric and street character by conserving existing buildings through renovation.

Our plan strived to conserve and retain the heart of the Graham Street site by limiting new development to its edge. We proposed a phased implementation strategy to sensitively redevelop the core area in an organic manner, and to redevelop the area incrementally as opposed to Government’s proposal of blanket redevelopment that threatened the survival of the street market.

Year: 2007-2008
Location: Central, Hong Kong
Site Area: ~0.5 ha
Awards: 2008 Honour Award, The American Institute of Architects

* In association with Oren Tatcher, AIA