Harbourfront Connectivity Study – Hong Kong

The Harbourfront Connectivity Study is an award-winning study that was commissioned by the Harbour Business Forum. It suggests ways to implement a continuous harbourfront promenade by developing urban design strategies supported by engineering solutions. The proposals provide practical means for resolving issues that currently prevent continuity along the harbourfront from being achieved. Preliminary urban design proposals were developed for these less prominent areas to improve harbourfront connectivity from 8.8 km to a total of 22 km, by creating new promenades and linkages in the form of bridges and boardwalks, upgrading under-utilized piers. We also proposed the enhancement of existing waterfront streets with pedestrian amenities, streetscape improvements, signage and way finding.

Key proposals were developed for six selected sites, which gave more detailed concepts and plans for improving public access and continuity along the harbourfront. Design proposals were supported by engineering solutions to ensure their practicality. In addition, the study identified short and long-term measures for implementation, the responsible Government Departments and roles of the various implementation agencies that would be involved.

Year: 2007-2008
Location: Hong Kong
Site Area: ~450 ha
2008 Honour Award, The American Institute of Architects
2008 Certificate of Merit, The Hong Kong Institute of Planners

* In association with Masterplan Limited & Scott Wilson Limited