Changing the Face of Orange County 2020 – California, United States

UDP International proposed sustainable and transit-oriented development in Orange County, California. We analysed its impact on transportation, land use distribution and development patterns for the International Planning and Urban Design Competition. We proposed sustainable development strategies that included densification of development around transit nodes, or transit-first strategies, such as free bus, paid parking, and so on, to promote and increase transit ridership and decrease automobile traffic.

Our vision was to make Orange County a place with multiple centers, offering a greater number of choices, connectivity, mobility and affordability to its people, where mixed development communities at higher densities are encouraged. The proposal was to develop communities and centres within walking distances that promote better social interaction, and minimise the current need for multiple short trips. The County would continue to enjoy the benefits of its beautiful natural environment, ethnic composition, entrepreneurial climate and hi-tech economic diversity. However, its residents would also enjoy the benefits of choice and flexibility of housing, transport, work place, schooling, shopping, recreation and leisure activities.

Year: 2001
Location: Orange County, California, United States
Site Area: ~245,531 ha
Awards: Honourable Mention Award, California Council of Governments