Central Creative Cluster – Police Married Quarters, Central, Hong Kong

The Former Police Married Quarters (PMQ) was one of the eight buildings indicated for adaptive re-use announced in the 2009 Policy Address by the Hong Kong Government. Given its location and close proximity with the Central Business District, we saw the PMQ’s massive potential both in housing and the creative industries. The Central Market has been planned as a Central Oasis celebrating the Chinese, Asian and Western culinary cultures of Hong Kong, and the Central Police Station has been sensitively redeveloped to celebrate the arts and culture. These both could, along with the PMC, form a Cultural Triangle to further enhance the Government’s Conservation of Central, Hong Kong.

The site’s innate heritage value as a town hall, Central School and the more recent Police Married Quarters and potential adaptive reuse for the creative industries become the key drivers of the design concept. Current community aspirations for cultural heritage and adaptive reuse for more sustainable, eco- friendly green development influence the PMQ development. Our concept was to intertwine these elements together to create “Living Heritage” within the dense urban context of Central, Hong Kong. The site would be transformed into a Centre for the Creative Industries by offering diversified uses such as studios, galleries and shops, exploring potential community needs within the district. Including a musuem to showcase its heritage, the aim of the design was to celebrate creative arts for all age groups so as to further nurture the community.

Year: 2009
Location: Central, Hong Kong
Site Area: ~0.6 ha
Gross Floor Area: ~18,000 sqm