“Naya” Dharavi – Mumbai, India

Naya Dharavi, an award winning entry for the Reinventing Dharavi Competition, is a place that offers a higher standard of living for all the residents whilst ensuring and maintaining their economic livelihood. It is a Dharavi with the proper infrastructure to build strong, healthy and sustainable communities. The aim is to ensure a cleaner, brighter and dignified future for all the residents of Dharavi while addressing the needs of the community, the city and the country.
The Main Objectives were to:
• Develop a long-term strategic planning framework for Dharavi as a guide for development.
• Ensure Dharavi is a healthy and safe place to work in and continues to create livelihoods for people.
• Integrate Dharavi to be more connected with surrounding areas and as an integral part of Mumbai.
• Make Dharavi a sustainable community that is socially acceptable and environmentally friendly.
• Empower the people of Dharavi to come up with a vision, and build a future together.

Year: 2014
Location: Mumbai, India
Site Area: ~217 ha
Award: Honourable Mention Award, Urban Design Research Institute