ULI’s Ten Principles for a Sustainable Approach to New Development – Hong Kong

This research study was undertaken to develop a more sustainable approach to new large-scale developments for Hong Kong. Under the guidance of the project’s Steering Committee, issues related to large-scale development were discussed in a collaborative process including a multiple-stakeholder workshop. The resulting ULI Ten Principles for a Sustainable Approach to New Development are practical and relevant guidelines intended to have a positive influence on new large-scale developments in Hong Kong and the region. UDP International was engaged by ULI North Asia to spearhead this one of a kind research initiative. These principles have been shared with ULI’s global membership base. This study was instrumental in initiating similar studies in Manila, Singapore and beyond.

Ten Principles for a Sustainable Approach to New Development Towards Sustainable and Integrated Large-Scale Developments for a More Liveable Hong Kong

Build on Your Strengths: Rethink the strategic vision and policy framework
Create Great Places: Adopt a place-making approach
Extend the Urban Grid: Develop to an appropriate scale and density
Open Up Public Space: Provide accessible public open space
Integrate Infrastructure: Ensure transport and infrastructure integration
Activate the Streets: Enhance street level interface and continuity
Keep it Flexible: Facilitate good urban design and flexible zoning
Promote Sustainability: Go beyond sustainable building design
Engage People Early on: Enable upfront public engagement
Manage, Control, and Coordinate: Implement coordinated management control

Year: 2009-2010
Location: Hong Kong
Site Area: ~110,333 ha