The Five Springs of Wanchai – Wanchai, Hong Kong

“The Five Springs of Wanchai” is an award-winning entry for the Hong Kong Government Urban Renewal Authority’s Lee Tung Street Competition. This proposal adopted a place making approach following these planning and urban design principles: Designing with a people-oriented approach, highlighting the local identity, improving the built environment, strengthening the local economy, and integrating of old/new surrounding area.

Our proposals create a great place at Spring Garden by creating the Five Springs of Wan Chai. This was done by limiting new development and traffic to the site edges in order to enhance Wedding Card Street and Centre Street Market to retain a more human scale in the heart of the district. We proposed several heritage linkages to create cultural continuity while enhancing the collective memory and traditional character of this old urban district.

Year: 2004
Location: Wanchai, Hong Kong
Site Area: ~2 ha
Award Winning Entry, URA Development Design Competition
2004 Merit Award, The Hong Kong Institute of Planners