Concept Master Plan – Tung Chung West, Hong Kong

UDP International was commissioned by a private developer to create an alternative concept master plan for a development in Tung Chung West in response to the Hong Kong Government’s recently commissioned Tung Chung New Town Extension Study in 2012. The goal was to identify possibilities to further develop Tung Chung in a sustainable manner. Our proposed Tung Chung West Concept Master Plan was developed on behalf of the Client, and submitted to the Hong Kong Government Planning Department as part of their Stage 1 Public Engagement Exercise.

We used a sensitive place making approach and the reclamation as an island instead of extending the existing coastline. This reduced the reclaimed amount proposed by the Government to 33.9 hectares, thus creating a more sustainable development. Our master plan accommodates a total population of about 51,000 with the provision of 22,000 flats.
The master plan offered an opportunity to create unique and distinctive developments with extensive waterfront areas all around the island in addition to the existing coastline, allowing for the retention and revitalisation of existing fishing villages, strengthening local cultural heritage and adding character to the area. “Tung Chung Island” would intimately connect both residents and visitors to the waterfront and its natural landscape for recreation and relaxation. The Island would be a high-density central activity zone, with mixed-use commercial, business, hotel, leisure and residential developments.

Year: 2012
Location: Tung Chung West, Hong Kong
Site Area: ~176 ha