ULI’s Ten Principles for Sustainable Development of Metro Manila’s New Urban Core – Manila, Philippines

UDP International was commissioned for this research study, outlining ten guiding principles for a more integrated and sustainable New Urban Core (NUC) for Metro Manila, again using a collaborative multi-stakeholder engagement based approach, similar to the Hong Kong study. The resulting Principles are a set of progressive and implementable guidelines to shape a more livable, sustainable and walkable NUC. UDP International was commissioned by ULI Philippines to spearhead this momentous research initiative. The Principles have been shared with ULI’s global membership base, private developers, universities, government offices and institutions across the Philippines. The Report has been presented in several countries around the world and has been instrumental in initiating positive change in the region.

ULI’s Ten Principles for Sustainable Development of Metro Manila’s New Urban Core

1. Create One Metro Manila: A common goal and vision
2. Improve Urban Mobility: Integrated transport and infrastructure
3. Make Beautiful Places: Business Improvement Districts and high-quality public space
4. Work Together: Collaboration and partnerships
5. Establish Good Governance: A streamlined regulatory framework and effective development control
6. Engage Everyone: An inclusive, participatory, and transparent process
7. Empower People: Community Improvement Districts to enhance educations, awareness, and employment opportunities
8. Be Prepared: Disaster preparedness and resilience
9. Restore Human Dignity: Affordable housing policy and delivery
10. Go Beyond Smart Communities: More liveable and sustainable communities

Year: 2012-2013
Location: Metro Manila, Philippines
Site Area: ~63,713 ha