Mr. Anil K. Govada
Director of Finance & Management Consulting 

Mr. Anil Govada is a seasoned business executive with management, sales & marketing, M&A and engineering experience with over 30 years of industry & management experience, including profit/loss management. He has built on his extensive experience in management and corporate growth in his current role at UDP International, helping clients across many sectors optimise their organisations and workforce to boost growth. Recently, Mr. Govada was CEO of the Asia Pacific Aluminum Company – a boutique consulting firm that worked with aluminum industry executives and customers to deliver profitable growth, including supply chain and engineering solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

Previously, Mr. Govada was the Managing Director of Alcoa Asia for 14 years, after having served the company for 12 years prior in a variety of project management, engineering, business development and commercial roles including the establishment of Alcoa’s Sales and Marketing Office and Warehouse Network in the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Govada also managed a wide variety of Alcoa Asia M&A activities, including the identification of right businesses, due diligence, negotiating & closing deals and worked on 30 target companies, closing on 4 companies worth US$300 million. During his tenure at Alcoa, Mr. Govada worked with several companies in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bahrain and Australia.

As a superb people manager with excellent motivational skills and an uncanny ability to simplify complex issues so they are easy to understand, follow and implement, Mr. Govada works effortlessly across geographical borders, cultures, ethnicities and languages. Mr. Govada is a known builder of high performance commercial teams that consistently deliver above market growth rates, a consensus builder, and is very adaptive to working in complex matrix management structures and is very well respected among peers (colleagues, managers and subordinates), customers and senior executives. Mr. Govada received his Bachelors of Science of Engineering from NIT in India, and his Masters of Science in both Materials Engineering and Engineering & Mechanics from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.