Mr. Arun K. Govada
Director of Business Strategy

Mr. Arun K. Govada holds a Bachelor’s Degree with Cum Laude Honours from the Boston University School of Management with a concentration in Operations Management and has over 4 years of work experience. He is in charge of running market insight analysis across interest markets around the globe to identify new areas of focus, both in geographies and in service offerings. Mr. A. Govada also is a major point of contact for all clients and provides Project Management expertise in the proposal and project delivery support in all phases of work.

Mr. A. Govada previously worked at IBM, both in New York and in Shanghai, China in global project management and business transformation capacities that interfaced directly with Executive Management. His project teams were globally based, which highlights Mr. A. Govada’s time management skills and experience on working with individuals from different backgrounds. Mr. A. Govada has comprehensive experience in planning projects with a budget and a schedule of targets and executing effectively with an efficient team. Additionally, Mr. A. Govada is the Founding Co-Chair for Asia Pacific of the Global Young Leaders Network with the Urban Land Institute and is actively involved in pursuing growth opportunities for the organisation.